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When it comes to creating wealth, crypto storage is your best asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Consumer Funding has been registered with the Better Business Bureau since the year 6/18/2001. In this time span the company has received zero complaints. Consumer Funding is also registered with the State Of Pennsylvania since 03/21/1997.

Consumer Funding has several divisions to our business. We focus on lending projects and we provide security for your bitcoin and other crypto. Consumer Funding secures bitcoin for over 3200 small and large clients.

Consumer Funding has helped clients earn substantial profits with the increase of bitcoin price and we share profits from our company revenue. Once you join and store some of your bitcoin with us you will receive a daily profit share.

Our normal payment method is bitcoin but you can also pay with Tether USD ON Ethereum Network.

There is always the risk of losing capital but we are proud to say we have never lost any of our clients money. Rest assured we operate a steady, reliable and trustworthy business.

Paying our members is our number one priority. It will take 3 hours or less. Keep in mind we tend to pay members to their personal bitcoin wallet days in advance.

Yes you can have up to 4 separate accounts. Each account must have a different email address and different username.

You will be paid 6% of the amount they deposit each time they make a new deposit from their crypto wallet.

You can contact our support through clicking the 'Contact us' section. We offer support through Contact form and e-mail. You can also give us a call at 215-388-9216.