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When it comes to creating wealth, crypto storage is your best asset.
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Welcome to Consumer Funding is a crypto storage facility where you can safely store your bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Being able to safely store your crypto is one of the main keys to building wealth.

As crypto prices rise you can relax and know your net worth is increasing. We provide the highest level of security as your bitcoin is being monitored and protected 24/7, 365 days a year.
As your bitcoin increases in price you can earn while your bitcoin is stored with our company.
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Through our Referral Program, we reward those who are helping us to build a dynamic community. Any registered project member can join our Referral Program and get a bonus on attracting deposits, using their own affiliate link. According to the referral program, we offer three levels of affiliate structure: for every deposit of a personally invited member (referral) you will get a referral bonus of 6% of the amount of the deposit provided by your referral. You can share your affiliate links and banners privately on private platforms for attracting members to your partnership team. Use opportunities of the Referral Program and increase your income! You can also earn 2% affiliate bonus on your 2nd generation referrals and 3% on your 3rd generation referrals as long as you have referred 25 members who have all made a deposit. To earn 1st and 2nd level referral bonus you do not need any certain amount of referrals.

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Standard CommissionWe offer 3 levels of affiliate commissions. Earn 6% on your personal referrals. Earn 2% on your 2nd level referrals. Once you refer 25 members who make a deposit, you will start earning 3% on your 3rd level referrals.
Representative CommissionPersonally refer 25 members who make a deposit and you will start to earn 8% on all your personal referrals.
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